What is The Neue Guild?

The Neue Guild is a professional network focused on the creative fields. We’re here to make it easier for designers from all disciplines to find collaborators and collaborative opportunities, and to expand their professional reach in new and different ways.

Why should I become a member?

Neue Guild Members have full access to all features on the site, including the NG network, our Opportunities section, and the Q&A Forum. Members can search the NG Network for collaborative partners and connect with future teammates.  Members also have access to our curated list of Collaboration Opportunities – a great medium for finding new designers to work with. Finally, our Q&A Forum is a great resource for members who are looking for professional answers to design questions that are outside their own area of expertise.

How is The Neue Guild different from LinkedIn?

The Neue Guild is an active network. Our goal is to create as many opportunities as possible for our members to interact with and learn from each other. We are completely focused on the creative community and its unique needs.

How can I be featured on The Neue Blog?

The Neue Blog is a wonderful resource for sharing the new and exciting work you’re undertaking. Send us an email through the contact page, and we’ll be in touch!

How can I share a collaboration opportunity?

If you know of an opportunity – a competition, RFP, or other project – and want to share it with our community, we want to help! Reach out through the contact page, and we’ll be in touch!

Don’t see your question? Ask one below and we’ll be happy to get back to you!