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Key Dates, Deadlines, and Info

Announcement: April 19 2017
Option Pre-Proposal Conference in NYC: May 9 2017
Proposal Due Date: June 19 2017
Team Selected: Fall 2017
Design and Implementation: 2018
Sponsors: Van Alen Institute, NYC DOT, Chinatown Partnership.

About this Competition

The Van Alen Institute in New York is “seeking innovative proposals to plan, design, and construct an iconic contemporary neighborhood marker at the nexus of Manhattan’s Chinatown and the southern entrance to Little Italy’s historic Mott Street.” The competition invites interdisciplinary teams to participate with forward-looking proposals to activate the site while still honoring the history of the neighborhood.

A $900,000 budget is available to the winning team to implement their design. The competition asks the following of its applicants:

  • How can the site serve as a “gateway” responding to tradition as well as adapting to ever-changing cultural and generational demographics and technology?
  • How can the gateway connect and bring together existing communities and create new opportunities for both locals and visitors to experience the area in fresh ways?
  • How can the gateway site link to other gateways within Chinatown, across the city and around the world?

For more information about this competition, read here.

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