Janna Kauss, Founder

Janna Kauss, Founder

The idea first came in 2010, when a timid economy had the architecture industry on edge. At the time, taking matters into your own hands seemed like the best way to launch or renew a career. To do this successfully, architects and designers would need a way to find creative partners with whom to apply their skills — even if clients weren’t calling. Connecting with the right people would be key. This sentiment holds for traditional practice too. As an architect myself, I know that creative work can’t happen in a vacuum. The lighting, landscape design, and structural system impact a building’s success as much as the architecture — sometimes more.

Consultants can influence and enhance so much of the design process, but building that team is not always easy – especially when we need expertise unknown in our immediate circles. This challenge isn’t limited to architecture. If you’re an industrial designer, landscape architect, graphic designer, or engineer, the same is true – the tools we have, digital or otherwise, for finding creative partners are inefficient and circuitous. And there’s a lot riding on these partnerships. Completing a building project, for example, can take up to ten years, and collectively the industry passed around over $12 billion in design fees in 2015 alone.

Enter the Neue Guild. Six years after conceiving of this hole in the marketplace, I launched the platform in the fall of 2016 to bring together the wide-ranging but complementary talents that make up our professional ecosystem. By focusing just on the AEC community, The Neue Guild can expand your network in ways that prove meaningful and productive. It’s a meeting place for future team members with whom to build something new — the essential starting point where you and your potential collaborators come, both to find and to be found. The whole design team in one place.

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