Deep in the back of an industrial park in Woburn, MA, you’ll find one of the Boston area’s most innovative design and fabrication shops, JAYWALK STUDIO. Founded by partners Haik Tokatlyan and Steve Listwon, the two-year-old studio has clients ranging from architectural firms to medical device companies. With their focus on experimentation within the design process and a strong sense of the importance of business-to-business relationships, the duo is rapidly finding themselves in increasing demand. Jaywalk Studio has been a key player in the Boston Society of Architects’ new fabrication-focused committee, MakeTank, which is debuting a self-fabricated structure at this year’s ArchitectureBoston Expo. Read below for a Q&A with this exciting and innovative shop.

THE NEUE GUILD [NG]  What is your area of design expertise?

JAYWALK STUDIO [JS] Product Design, Design Consultancy, Fabrication.

NG How did your firm begin?

JS  Haik Tokatlyan and Steve Listwon formed Jaywalk in 2014. We are product designers who enjoy the practice of making mixed with experimentation. Through this approach we find progressive ways to solve problems. Our studio offers these services to a wide range of clients alongside the development of self-initiated product development.

NG  Do you have a favorite part or phase of the design process?

JS  Concept development as it relates to materials and fabrication techniques.

NG  What’s an area of design with which you’re unfamiliar but would like to be more familiar?

JS  Work using textiles and fabrics.

NG  What inspires your work?

JS  Process based research with specific focus on materials and fabrication strategies.

NG  What has been your greatest design challenge to date?

JS  The new Autodesk headquarters in Boston offered a very large challenge in regards to scheduling. We only had 4 months to design, fabricate, and install 4 site-specific, permanent sculptures in their offices. As a young firm consisting of 2 core members and 2 loyal interns, we accomplished a great deal of work to meet that tight deadline. Late nights, lots of coffee, and great collaborators (Consigli Construction / SGA) were all vital to the success of that project.

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